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Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Finally done with wicked, but I only have this craptastic picture. It fits well, and the color is great.....however, it has been in the 60s this week, too warm to wear. Oh well.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

New Job

Last July, I accepted a per diem position as a critical care transport nurse. After 12 years as paramedic, and only 3.5 as a nurse, I really thought I would be in over my head, but ready for the challenge. In late January, I changed my status to full-time, leaving the comfort zone of paramedicine (and getting a $14 an hour pay increase). How did I decide this would be the right move? My new boss acually sent me YARN SHOPPING!!! She is a fellow knitter, who lives on the opposite side of the state from me, and ran out of yarn for a cute cardi she is working on. She left me a label in my work mailbox asking if I wouldn't mind looking for two skeins in my LYS! WOULDN'T MIND????? How cool is that? Sometimes the fates tell you you've made the right move in strange ways..................Jen

Sunday, March 04, 2007

So Busy it's not Funny......

Well, back to work since the cast has been off, and at full tilt. 40+ hours a week at the full-time gig and assorted hours at the per diem ones have left me with woefully little time for fiber arts. I am, however, half way through the second sleeve of Wicked from the sexy knitter's club, and did manage to finish two cotton halter tops for my niece, pics to follow soon.....Jen