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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Jamie's Dance Picture
Here is the costume Jamie is wearing in this year's
recital. Her class is dancing to "Every girl can be a princess". The older girl in the picture is the "real Cinderella" for the show.

Why I Haven't Posted

Well, needless to say, I have been sooo busy it's not funny. Soccer, t-ball, dance class....and that's just the kids. Things are full swing at work too, however, I do get lots of knitting done between calls. i just finished another Lopi sweater, and started one for each of the kids, and i am finishing up a pair of socks.

A big congratulations to my SP9 pal, who had a gorgeous baby boy this month!! Check him out, what a cutie! Don't you just love that face?

Pictures to follow of jamie's dance recital, and Joey's t-ball team picture, as well as some pics of FOs.......