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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Sometimes it all works

It's pretty rare that I even think about work once my day is over. However , once in a great while, some things just really get to you (in a good way).
I had a younger patient who had a cardiac arrest, witnessed by his wife. Now the current survival rate of cardiac arrest is 2-7%, depending on your source of imformation. Long story short....after 3 days this man is walking, talking, and steadliy working toward his full function. I feel really priveledged to be a part of this. So many times we "do everything we can" even though we know it's in vain. It was so good to see that sometimes, it all works.

I quietly celebrated this little victory with Jamie. We had a lovely dinner, and spent some great time together cuddling and watching cartoons. What a great reminder of what the important things in life really are.

Oh yeah....learn CPR, you never know.....



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